Used Lollipop – Sex Education

Today’s prompt is Lollipop and it takes me back to this sex education class I had in grade eight.

I come from a country where even today, sex education is considered bad, unimportant, basically a taboo!

Studying in a all girls school, I had very few opportunity to meet or interact with the other sex. As I was a bit tom-boyish, I was never really interested in dating or admiring any male star etc.

But watching the girls have a cat-fight over a guy was pure entertainment in school.

So talking about this sex education class, we had a male teacher (that made it all the more uncomfortable) who conducted an experiment.

He asked for two volunteers. After pleading for 12-15 minutes, he finally managed to get! He then gave a lollipop to one girl and asked her to eat it but not completely. Then he asked her to pass the same lollipop to another girl who had volunteered. He now asked her to eat the same – obviously she denied! She felt gross and kind of insulted. So he asked her “What would you want to do with this lollipop?” Yes, you guessed it right. She said “I would just throw it away.”

He then went on to connect this with valuing yourself. He said, we are like lollipops, the person who has you for the first time will enjoy to be with you!And you would also love them to be the first. But once you are used – just like the used lollipop, people won’t see you the same. Even if they have you or you have them – they won’t be the FIRST!

I honestly can’t come to any conclusion with this, yeah at that time it did have an impact on me. But now when I think about it – I don’t feel it’s true enough. And you?


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