The Upside Down Chair!

First day at a new job! I was looking for a summer job, just to get some corporate experience. Finally got this job of an operator cum admin assistant – not the DREAM JOB, but I was still very excited.

I mean it’s still my first day, actually few hours into the “FIRST DAY”. Just so that you know the scenario, I am sitting at the reception in a not-so-spacious office which has cool interiors and my boss isn’t here yet, so thought of writing my thoughts down! Love it.

So how my day has started – I started from my house really early, to cover a long distance that took me one and a half hour, by changing modes of transport to finally reach the office and have all my excitement crushed as the office was locked. Yes – no one was here yet. 15 minutes past the official starting time and no one was here yet. Took me a moment to gulp this down.

After meeting my first colleague and having a tour of my office, my excitement was building up. (In my head – I am going to be super amazing,competitive, confident, just going to kill it AF). Yes, your confidence builds up so that it can be crushed brutally.

As my boss is still not here, I sit here in an uncomfortable chair, giving me pain (you know where) and right opposite me hangs, master of interior designing – A beautiful white chair, upside down from the ceiling.

Getting absurd thoughts staring at the chair, awaiting my boss (so that I know what work to do!) is an unusual half – first day experience. Is it?


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