Not Bad!

Finally met my boss – relieved!

It is absurd or rather freakish to be the only woman among 8 people working here!

Yeah it’s a start-up or as it is also called MESSED -UP! Everything and everybody is completely unorganized. But I am getting a sense of accomplishment after successfully convincing the very first customer I called to buy our product. Yay! I know it’s too soon to celebrate but I believe in small happiness.

And my attraction with the upside down hanging white chair is decreasing, as I have butterflies in my stomach thinking about calling unknown people to convince them for buying our products.

For me, I am finding it hard to leave the customer card and play the telemarketer role. So I thought of reading some articles about “how to convince customers” but was too embarrassed as one of the colleague saw me reading that.

I hope I am able to perform well. Honestly, I have no clue about being a telemarketer! but it is definitely better than getting trapped in the “BURMUDA TRIANGLE – LAPTOP-PHONE-BED”

But I am enjoying the extra space and extra respect of being the only woman here.

It’s not going that bad,right?


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