Gates of Jannah

via Daily Prompt: Gate I feel blessed and full of hope after finding Islam. All thanks to Allah (subhanahu watalla) for guiding me. Jannah is where every Muslim desires to enter in the hereafter. Here is a excerpt on Gates of Jannah from  It is known that Paradise has many gates, because Allah says […]

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Used Lollipop – Sex Education

Today’s prompt is Lollipop and it takes me back to this sex education class I had in grade eight. I come from a country where even today, sex education is considered bad, unimportant, basically a taboo! Studying in a all girls school, I had very few opportunity to meet or interact with the other sex. […]

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Not Bad!

Finally met my boss – relieved! It is absurd or rather freakish to be the only woman among 8 people working here! Yeah it’s a start-up or as it is also called MESSED -UP! Everything and everybody is completely unorganized. But I am getting a sense of accomplishment after successfully convincing the very first customer […]

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The Upside Down Chair!

First day at a new job! I was looking for a summer job, just to get some corporate experience. Finally got this job of an operator cum admin assistant – not the DREAM JOB, but I was still very excited. I mean it’s still my first day, actually few hours into the “FIRST DAY”. Just […]

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